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Teleports you to spawn.

"/sethome (name)"

Sets a home.

"/home (name)"

Teleports you to a home.

"/delhome (name)"

Deletes a home.

"/tpa [player]"

Requests to teleport to another player.

"/tpaccept (player)"

Accepts a teleport request.

"/tpdeny (player)"

Denies a teleport request.

"/msg [player] [message]"

Sends a private message to a player.

"/r [message]"

Sends a private message to the last player that you messaged/that messaged you.


To protect a chest, right click on it (do not sneak) while holding any sign
This will place the sign on the chest and automatically protect it, so that only you may open it.
If this doesn't work, you can manually lock it by sneaking and right clicking on the chest with the sign.
Then to protect it, all you need to do is write
on the top line, and when you exit
out of the sign, it should automatically write your name on the second line and lock the chest
tells you how to add users to a sign. You can also label signs like this, just
don't put a player's username on the sign by itself or else they can also access that chest
/lockette 3 TheSenseiChiken -- /lockette 3 (Ores)

The first example would add TheSenseiChiken to the chest, so he would be able to open it. The second would write (Ores) on
the third line of the chest, just as a label (You can't put special characters like ( [ { , . - = + in a username, so if you
include those on the line, it would be impossible for a user to access the chest, even if their name was, for example, "Ores"

To claim land, you can use a golden shovel. Do
/kit claim
to get a golden shovel (the claiming tool). Using it, you can set the corners of a claim.
Right click on a block to set that as the first corner to a new claim, and right click somewhere else to set it as a second corner, and claim the land
Any claim must be at least 5 blocks wide, and have an area of at least 100 blocks, or else it is too small and you won't be able to claim.
/trust [player]
adds a player to the list of trusted players in the claim that you are standing in. Use this to let your friends build in your claim.
( /containertrust, /accesstrust, and /permissiontrust as well - try those commands without a player name to see details)

gives you a list of all trusted players for the claim that you are standing in.
/untrust [player]
removes that player from the trust list of the claim that you're standing in- they will no longer have access to that claim.
/giveclaim [player]
transfers ownership of a claim to another player. This means they now own the claim and have full access.
if you are stuck inside someone's claim, this command will teleport you out after 10 seconds.
unclaims the current claim that you are standing in.
For a video on how to claim land, click here.